19 May 2021

On WTG establishment

The development of science, engineering and technology, along with the need to accumulate and share experience and knowledge in the field of winter maintenance of urban infrastructure, gave rise to the business community aimed at development and ensuring sustainable growth of existing production sites, including involvement of external players. The structure was named Winter Technologies Group (WTG).
The main focus of WTG is combining the best international and Russian practices and competencies in winter technologies, as well as development and implementation of the most effective solutions.
The situation in 2020 has proven that traditional production models do not always allow for a prompt response to incoming challenges. Many large and medium-sized companies have become hostages of their own structures, so their owners had to reconsider their asset portfolios to transition to a more mobile system. A great role in the current environment is attributed to sharing economy solutions which are fundamental to operation of large industrial parks providing residents with a complete range of services - rental, consulting, logistics, engineering, research and others. One of the goals of establishment of WTG was implementation of this model in the Russian context as one that is future oriented and meeting the interests of the company partners.
WTG is an ecosystem of companies united by shared values and a mission for successful development of each site and the group as a whole.
Remaining independent and autonomous, the Winter Technologies Group partners form a comfortable business environment within the company for each member enterprise, relying on the principles of partnership, mutual respect and legal compliance.
One of WTG tasks is to support successful Russian projects, in winter maintenance as a priority, and bring them to the global level.
About us:
WTG (Winter Technologies Group) brings together the world's best competencies and technologies and specializes in development and implementation of innovative solutions to provide comfort and safety of life in winter.